New research results and original contributions are published under this category. Alternative or complementary analyses of results already published elsewhere can also be included here if these provide evidence for new information of importance for research. The most up-to-date articles are available here


Research Review

This category contains discussions of new scientific publications – viewed in a wider context – which may contain both preliminary studies and material or methodological similarities to other studies. In the publications under discussion, the author of the commentary sees research efforts which could generate an important impact in their research field and, by putting them in the chosen context, aims to give them appropriate recognition. Current contributions can be found here.The most up-to-date articles are available here


Articles in this category can present the author's opinions and arguments on a research topic or area. Theories which cannot – or cannot yet – be substantiated in detail but which are of value for new points of view or suggestions for future research may also be put forward. Essays which have appeared recently can be found here The most up-to-date articles are available here


Besides the reviews of outstanding scientific papers in the category Comments on current research, we consider the book notifications and reviews of newly published books in the Elemente der Naturwissenschaft as a service which we are happy to provide free, not only to our subscribers but to all those interested and which you can browse through here. read more


This category includes short contributions and reports on current topics which do not generally present any new empirical data but expand on or question scientific ideas. Conference papers or replies to articles by other researchers may also appear here. The main aim of these contributions is for the exchange of ideas, discussion and joint work on open issues. Current contributions can be accessed more


Some articles which appear in the Elemente are published with a short invited commentary by a colleague who is not involved in the research, with the aim of giving the reader an explanation of the context and significance of the original contribution. Commentaries are available more


Individual conference papers can be included in the Short Contributions category. Some issues of the Elemente have key topics where contributions from selected conferences are collected under their own conference heading, similar to a conference or symposium volume. Conference contributions can be found here. read more


The obituaries category serves to acknowledge the work of scientists who have been especially important in their field. Additional categories, which are only available in the print medium, cover conference announcements and reports, plus events and more