A Letter to the Science Section:

Why some anthroposophists support Darwinism
Elemente der Naturwissenschaft 86, 2007, P. 79-86 | DOI: 10.18756/edn.86.79


‘Truth … needs to be illuminated from many sides, since a truth can become exactly the opposite of truth when it is formulated too quickly’. Rudolf Steiner, 27.08.1915

Today Darwinism is the chief anchor of modern scientific materialism, and, as long as this theory exists, materialism will also exist. It should, therefore, be among the primary concerns of science-minded anthroposophists to fully explore its many deficiencies; so why are some so reluctant to do this? Could it be that in following certain of Rudolf Steiner’s indications, we are led to try to spiritualize Darwin’s theory, rather than to seriously examine and question it? We are right not to reject it on religious grounds, as so many have sought to do, but there are many other valid reasons for rejecting this theory today, reasons that were not there in Steiner’s day, which fact alone would have made any rejection of it premature. However, perhaps we should now view Darwin’s theory in the context of an ongoing evolution of consciousness, so that we may better understand the problems with which Steiner was then confronted, and also determine in what way our interpretation of Darwinism needs to be altered today. [...]