Some Thoughts on the Conditions Needed for Imaging Methods

Bildschaffende Methoden
Elemente der Naturwissenschaft 80, 2004, S. 100-107 | DOI: 10.18756/edn.80.100


Understanding the context of imaging methods (bildschaffende Methoden) and their methodologies is vital for their support and promotion. What follows are some thoughts on the conditions that these methods demand of us in the light of their context.

The foundation of imaging methods is built upon layers of conditions that are necessary for these methods. The first condition for imaging methods is a contextual one. When we look at these methods we are immediately aware that they have arisen out of the heart of anthroposophy itself. They came about because individuals1 who, out of their knowledge of anthroposophy, asked Rudolf Steiner if there was a way to see how the imponderable forces - specifically, etheric formative forces and forces of vitality work into matter. These imaging methods are the foundation of an anthroposophical oriented science, for they reveal, with certainty, the activity of the etheric world. [...]